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A Game Boy style 8*8px farm tileset, with a GB Studio compliant colour palette. 

  • Over 2700 unique tiles 
  • 3 tilesets; the original, V1.5, and V2
  • 5 colours (1st colour transparent)
  • 7  complete buildings
  • Over 100 ground tiles
  • Indoor and Outdoor tiles
  • decoration objects 
  • A playground
  • 5 vehicles, including a tracktor with multiple Farming device attatchments
  • One base human character, one unicorn, and one brontosaurus
  • basic vegetable items, with growing states and harvestables
  • 7 example maps (see screenshots)
  • 2 example menus

In the DEMO version,  in addition to the content above, you also get the FULL GB Studio game files and assets used in The Tileset Demo Game, Here. This can be used as a base for a GB Studio game, for learning purposes, as a template for a game idea you want to prototype, or as a template for a Game Jam game, where time might be of the essence.

*please note, due to the extremely optimised nature of the tiles, I will not be sharing the full tile set as a sample. Please find the tile set showroom The Tileset Demo Game, Here.


  • Can be used and edited for commercial and academic game development purposes.
  • Can be used for table top game purposes.
  • It is recommended that If the assets are used for commercial use, an additional donation is made at https://ko-fi.com/gamedevmum
  • Not to be sold-on as assets or in a bundle in edited or original form.
  • It is strictly forbidden to use any of the contents of this tile set in any relation to  block-chain related technology, including but not limited to; NFTs, Crypto, or bitcoin. 

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GenreRole Playing
Tags2D, farm, Farming, Game Boy, gb-studio, gbstudio-compatible, pixel, Pixel Art, Tileset


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Farm_Town_GBStudio.zip 184 kB
Farm_Town_Demo.zip 849 kB
if you pay $20 USD or more


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Would you be willing to let me build an adaptive audio system with libPD to get some experience in adding an audio engine to an existing game? Please reach out at wraezer@gmail.com

Hi, this is only a tile set, and not a full game.

Can I see crops graphics sample? Thanks. 

Hi, as stated, there is only a basic set of crops sprites included in the tileset; approx 7 vegetables. They were added as a bonus to the tileset for those who have bought it.

If you are looking for a full crop pack, and not the tileset in particular, I would maybe avoid this tileset in particular.

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I really like this, but I wish it was 16x16. Would it be ok if I made my own tileset based of this but 16x16, and with some changes?

Or maybe could you release a 16x16 version?

P.S. I don’t know whether I will use what it commercially but probably not


Absolutely! AND you can use your edited tiles in a game you sell - the only stipulation is you don’t sell the edited tiles as an asset pack :)


I love the anti-NFT and anti-crypto rule, fk these scams, you rock 😍😍😍😍


I don't get it; what's to love about this? it's the author's choice. while 99% of nft/crypto is a scam, bitcoin isn't, and is our only hope to stop productivism enabled by an inflation based system.


Begone! Crypto-bro!

Does this come with font assets?


No. Fonts is not something I am looking to do right now, nor have plans to do in the future. But if you search itch.io for ‘GB Studio Fonts’, there’s some suitable ones available. There’s even a font generator someone has made, but I haven’t tried it myself, yet.

I hope you find what you are looking for :)

are these pictures showing all the tiles?  i was wondering what it includes in the way of nature tiles like trees and the like

Same here. Can we see somewhere crops and farm tiles? 

This looks super lovely! 😊