• Movement = WASD/Directional keys
  • [Z] = [A]/Confirm
  • [X] = [B]/Cancel
  • [Enter] = [Start]
  • [Space] = [select]

A Demo project - a digital show room - of my 8*8 Gameboy Style tileset, made in Gameboy Studio, which you can buy [HERE] (opens in new tab) Please note that as of writing, the updated for the Tileset has not yet been made available on - the update will be happening by Friday September 30th 2022.

I realised that screenshots of the tileset wouldn't really do it any justice, and that it would be nice for folks to test drive the tileset first and see in game how the tiles work.

This demo does not contain ALL tiles in the tileset, but there are 28 scenes ( with collision) to serve as examples of what is possible with this tileset. ONLY tiles from the 8*8 Gameboy Style tileset have been used. There is also no game-elements, it is just like a showroom.

*Dinosaur sprites not included in the Farm and Town Tileset, but are available separately [HERE]

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